At Chandler and Halasz, we provide reliable stenography services, offering a turnaround of Realtime™ to 10 business days. We specialize in services for:

  • Arbitrations

  • Court Hearings

  • Depositions

  • Government Agency Proceedings

  • Investigative Commissions

  • Jury Trials

  • Mediations

  • Meetings

  • Sworn Statements


We also offer condensed transcripts that allow you to view four pages of a transcript legibly on a single page. Let us provide a keyword index to give an alphabetical listing of each word within the transcript and provide page and line reference. Connect with reporters in Realtime ™ with LiveDeposition, and trust our on-call reporters for last-minute schedulings. We also offer court reporting with expertise in cases including:

  • Anti-Trust Law

  • Commercial Litigation

  • Construction Accidents

  • Custody

  • Employment Law

  • Examinations Under Oath

  • Environmental Issues

  • Medical Malpractice

  • Patent Law

  • Personal Injury

  • Product Liability

  • Workers' Comp


E-Transcript has become the industry standard for creating, delivering, viewing, and digesting digital transcripts in the litigation market. An E-Transcript file is a completely self-contained, interactive transcript which is read-only, accurate, encrypted, and virus and password protected. It also offers you the luxury of preparing additional condensed or indexed copies of your transcript. Download a compatible viewer here.

Audio Transcription

This service includes transcription of depositions, court proceedings, interviews, meetings, and telephone conversations.

Contact Chandler and Halasz at 804.730.1222 for excellent court reporting services.

ASCII, PDF and searchable PDF

Video Conference

We have a Conference and Video Conference facility available to us for your convenience!